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Yaguchi pose

Shotokan Master - Yaguchi Sensei

Many take up martial arts in order to learn how to defend themselves and in this respect karate is second to none. Karate training leads to a balanced physical development of the entire body with respect to strength, endurance, speed and flexibility.

Originally developed as a martial art, it has now evolved into a highly competitive sport practiced world-wide by children and adults alike. Competition, self-defense, self-confidence and consideration for others are all important elements of training at Shotokan Winnipeg. Competition only takes place once a solid understanding of basic techniques has been achieved. The beginners class stresses basic techniques that eventually enable the practitioner to develop coordination and body control, which are beneficial in the practice of all sporting activities. The advanced classes focus on free sparring and Kata at the senior level.

Classes for children focus on basics, timing, co-ordination and...having fun. However, the fundamental purpose of karate is the development of character through training... hence discipline is an important element in this martial art.

Anything worthwhile achieving never comes easily and we appreciate what has been obtained through perseverance and hard work. Karate is certainly no different. It provides a challenging and very rewarding activity.

At Shotokan Winnipeg, Sensei Loreth believes that in order to pursue training over a long period of time, we have enjoy it. The many senior students at Sensei Loreth's dojo is a testimony to the fact that they love what they're doing. The chief instructor, Larry Loreth is an eighth degree black belt (Hachidan) and is a graduate instructor of the International Shotokan Karate Federation Kenshusei. He has been studying karate for over 58 years and was the chief instructor of the University Of Manitoba Shotokan Karate Club for 22 years prior to developing his private dojo Shotokan Winnipeg.

Brad Katona

MMA Champion - Brad Katona

*Latest News*

Brad Katona, a former black belt of Sensei Loreth, recently won the BRAVE Combat Federation Bantamweight World Championship.

Chief Instructor: Larry F. Loreth, Hachidan (8th Dan)